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Pandora Bellona- Bella/Lona, Roman personification of war Empusa-Emma, equivalents of vampires/succubi Melinoe-Mel; underworld goddess, probably another name for Hecate Morrigan- Irish goddess of war and death; could be Mora?

Dolores- Lola Lilith- Lil, Lily Theodora- Theo (or Dora, but...) Carmilla- Milla?

Florence: Incredibly good natured and naturally pretty.49. Gabriel: Has an angelic face, but don’t let it fool you.53. Patience: Goes after guys with problems and thinks she can change them.115. Verity: Gorgeous, but loves herself a little too much.172. Zaheera: Likes to be adventurous in the bedroom.190.

She has two alternate personalities based off of her blood: demon blood and angel blood.

For her angel side, she has golden eyes and is named Aurella.

Nyx - the Greek goddess of night, this doesn't need a nn Aetheria -Thea Eris - Greek goddess of discord (you could look up some other "dark" goddesses) Elena/Olena - Lena Ravenna - Ena Octavia - Tavy, Tav Iris Aisa Sorry some of these don't have a nickname but you can come up with one if you really need it. more original and plot based I guess) Suggestions: Jezebel - Bell/Bella: Hebrew meaning "where is the prince? Lilith - the first wife of Adam, also considered to be the first demon, after being punished and vanished by God for refusing to obey Adam Belladonna - a poisonous plant, the name means beautiful lady Noire - means black Samara - I will always relate this to that dead girl from the ring Morgana - powerful evil sorceress from the arthurian legend Nimua - same as above, though not as known Shabina - means eye of the storm Raven - doesn't really need a backstory or a meaning Layla - means night, or dark beauty The first one that came to mind for me was Guinevere- Gwen/Guin or Vera for short.

Greek myth names Hecate- goddess of magic, witchcraft, night, moon, ghosts, necromancy, etc. Atropos- "the inevitable," the mythical fate who cut the thread of life.

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Also, Clotho "the spinner" and Lachesis "the apportioner" Tisiphone- Tess?

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