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Command-line/Program-name toggle Starts top with the last remembered 'c' state reversed.Thus, if top was displaying command lines, now that field will show program names, and visa versa.With an argument, output width can only be decreased, not increased.Whether using environment variables or an argument with -w, when not in 'Batch' mode actual terminal dimensions can never be exceeded.Any vertical scrolled position, however, will not be affected. SCROLLING a Window for additional information regarding vertical and horizontal scrolling.Listed below is a brief index of commands within categories.

The 'p', 'u' and 'U' command-line options are mutually exclusive.Many different hierarchies of "cgroups" can exist simultaneously on a system and each hierarchy is attached to one or more subsystems. The 'CGROUPS' field, unlike most columns, is not fixed-width.When displayed, it plus any other variable width columns will be allocated all remaining screen width (up to the maximum 512 characters).Any field is selectable as the sort field, and you control whether they are sorted high-to-low or low-to-high.The names of the control group(s) to which a process belongs, or '-' if not applicable for that process.

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