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”In the study, researchers took a number of engineering and project management job descriptions, and rewrote them in either Needs-Supplies or Demands-Abilities style.They then analyzed nearly 1000 submitted applications.Back in 2015, in an article entitled “The Simple Change That Attracts Great Job Applicants,” The Wall Street Journal reported on a remarkable study that tested the efficacy of two different approaches to writing job descriptions:“The vast majority of job ads tell applicants what the company wants, with laundry lists of requirements and qualifications.That approach might make sense to bosses looking to fill a role, but it may alienate the very people the company is trying to attract …They howled with laughter, the driver gunned the engine, and they left me in a cloud of dust and gravel. But the alternative kept flashing through my mind: The bike flipping over and my body being thrown into the roadway, where another driver would have almost certainly hit me.That was an extreme example of the kind of harassment that bicyclists and pedestrians walking on the roads and streets of the United States face every day. In many parts of the country, it seems, if you go out in public without the protective shell of an automobile around you, you’re fair game for all kinds of threats and abuse—verbal and physical.Everyone who’s gone looking for a job knows the feeling. Then you come to the skills list, and you instantly deflate.

That boils down to a simple question for anyone writing a job ad: What can the company do for a prospective employee?

By naming what's going on at the moment it is happening you can diffuse the tension like helicoptered water on a forest fire.

And by saying you're noticing the anger you can hear in his voice will, counter-intuitively, begin to calm him down or at least make him dissemble.

Jobs can often be altered up or down to suit a great candidate.

Sure, every company is different with this, but don’t rule yourself out for no good reason.”The post goes on to provide some excellent advice on things you can do to counterbalance any areas where you feel you may come up short on skills, including leveraging your network, emphasizing your soft skills, and showcasing personal projects that provide evidence of your commitment, engagement, and experience.

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