If I had carried at least ten obsidian and flint and steel with me, on the nether-side of the gate, I could explore to X/8, Y, Z/8 and then build a return portal at that location.I could then activate it with my flint and steel and with any luck it would attach to the gate I came in from.Trust your instinct too and if you think that a site is too good to be true, get your walking papers.When you are having an affair in the UK, you can never be too careful.The security accreditation level of this site is UNCLASSIFIED// FOUO and below.

They have never been married, and therefore, they want to make a good catch.

I know I know, this isn't new knowledge it's just that I had not seen the math clearly articulated on pages found by searching at the time.

It seemed like a quick calculator to translate coordinates based on which side of the gate I was plugging in might be helpful and could help provide a mathematical proof while performing the calculations mentally takes hold.

All others are scandals waiting to happen, and they are sun by sharp-eyed detectives waiting to pounce on you when you lower your pants.

Private investigators are suave, smooth and sophisticated.

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