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He is uncomfortable with his own weaknesses, and at times displays as much phoniness, meanness, and superficiality as anyone else in the book.As the novel opens, Holden stands poised on the cliff separating childhood from adulthood.He finds the hypocrisy and ugliness of the world around him almost unbearable, and through his cynicism he tries to protect himself from the pain and disappointment of the adult world.However, the criticisms that Holden aims at people around him are also aimed at himself.Before they went off to prep school, Jane told Holden that she might go to B. According to Stradlater, the two of them ended up in the car he had borrowed from coach Ed Banky, much to Holden's disdain.Holden has said that he "wouldn't exactly describe [Jane] as strictly beautiful" and that she is "sort of muckle-mouth", but nonetheless finds her attractive. According to Holden, she also read a lot of good books and poetry, and she enjoyed Allie Caulfield's baseball mitt with all the poems written on it.

Psychological Profile of Holden Caulfield Part One: The patient is Holden Caulfield, a sixteen-year-old teenage boy. However, he has an intimate bond with his younger siblings, who embody innocence and youth. He believes that the world is phony, superficial, hypocritical, and shallow.

She and Holden met after her Doberman Pinscher would come over and relieve itself on the lawn of his house.

Spending a rather romantic time together, he recalls how they bonded over games, books, and watching movies. During the night of the Saxon Hall game, Jane goes on a date with Holden's roommate Ward Stradlater.

According to Holden, Jane is quite fond of all athletic sports and that he taught her how to play golf. Holden recalls that Jane had an odd habit of not moving her Kings from the back row, because she liked the way they looked lined up at the back of the board.

Despite not appearing in the current timeline of The Catcher in the Rye, Jane is one of the few important figures whom Holden has deep affections for.

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