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Others are part of Jews for Jesus, attend churches, or are part of The Holy Land experience.We also have Christian singles and Messianic Jews who are divorced and are ready to find a soul mate for marriage.Since Clement of Rome knows and quotes the text within what could only have been a few years of its writing, that community may well have been in Rome.Shalom and welcome to Messianic Connections, a website for Messianic Jewish Singles, Messianic Gentiles, and Christians for Israel who love the Holy Land.Kummel dates Hebrews as follows (Introduction to the New Testament, p.403): "To the obvious question whether Jerusalem is still standing ( f) and the temple cultus is still in process (9:9 f) Heb gives no answer.

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For this reason, Hebrew has been referred to by Jews as Lashon Hakodesh ( interpretations of the term "Hebrew" generally render its meaning as roughly "from the other side [of the river/desert]"—i.e., an exonym for the inhabitants of the land of Israel/Judah, perhaps from the perspective of Mesopotamia, Phoenicia or the Transjordan (with the river referenced perhaps the Euphrates, Jordan or Litani; or maybe the northern Arabian Desert between Babylonia and Canaan).

Scholars debate the degree to which Hebrew was a spoken vernacular in ancient times following the Babylonian exile, when the predominant international language in the region was Old Aramaic.

In its timeless scholarly movement of ideas only the OT sanctuary plays a role, not the Herodian temple; an origin before 70 cannot be inferred either from the silence concerning the catastrophe of the year 70 or from the expression in that the Old Covenant is 'in the course of passing away.' On the contrary, the persecutions which the community has experienced (-34) and the spiritual proximity to Lk-Acts point in all probability to the post-Pauline period. 97): Although Hebrews is included in the Pauline corpus and was part of that corpus in its earliest attested form (p46), it is certainly not a work of the apostle.

Heb was, however, written before 96 (I Clem); Timothy, who as a young man had been a mission aide of Paul, is still living (), writers and readers belong to the second Christian generation (2:3), the new suffering which threatens the readers (12:4) may point to the time of Domitian (81-96). This fact was recognized, largely on sytlistic grounds, even in antiquity.

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