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I thought you might be the one but now I’m not so sure.I’m creating an amazing and fun lasting partnership in my life. Don’t throw this speech in his face as an idle threat during fights or something you endlessly harass him about to gain power in the relationship.Now here you are likely feeling stressed, worried, even rejected because he won’t commit to you. You’ve fallen for this man and thought he was falling too. The longer things drag on, the worse you’ll feel about yourself and the more time you waste. Even after the guy initially said he won’t commit or isn’t ready. Generally, if you’ve been dating for over three months and your partner isn’t responding positively to your talks about becoming exclusive, it may be time to step back.And if you have been dating for more than a year and he’s not responding to your talks about marriage, it may be time to put the relationship on probation. We talked for about a week and a half through text/calls before going on our first date.But some people fall in love quicker than others, while some take way too long. Including the escalation, lovebombing and then the acknowledging you're right he's rushing while guilting you into accepting him and saying "I love you back" etc. I personally wouldn't even bother explaining because he'll just do more self pitying nonsense and try to talk you down only to blame you for not getting him or some other nonsense. I ignored the red flags (him coming on to strong, saying i love you after 2 weeks etc.) And it did NOT go well.Again in a strong, powerful way with no drama, tell him something like: My commitment to myself is that I will be married and have children. I would love to have that with you because we would make unbelievable teammates and parents together. For example, when I say bold, I mean he will show obvious signs of transformation.You are a generous and kind person and would make the best father. So if it can’t be with you, I am going to do it with another man who can be a great teammate and father to my children. He will buy the ring and /or go into couples therapy or Relationship Coaching with you, or make plans to move in with you. Men who don’t respond to losing you are not going to commit.

He desperately tries to push you away and forget you, but then when he realizes how much he misses you by his side and how much he needs you in his life, he begs for you to come back. He’s too afraid to make it official even though he’s already obvious about his true intentions with you.At the moment they're telling me this is all too overwhelming and I should get far away from him, but on the other hand we do get on super well and I'm conscious that maybe I'm throwing away what could be a really good thing because the intensity has scared me off after a pretty subpar past relationship. He blocked your number at one point because he doesn’t know how to handle his emotions. I didn’t say it back cause I wasn’t feeling it at the time but I understood. We’ve been together for a almost a year and a half now. If you have reservations about this on top of all of that, I would break it off, personally. It's likely he's acted this way before with others. You can't control how he tells this story in his own head, and given what you've seen so far, it's a fair bet that no matter what happens in three weeks, three months or three years, he'll tell the story where every woman who rejects just couldn't accept how "nice" and "passionate" he is. They were all scared by his "commitment" or his "open heart" or whatever bullshit he tells himself so he doesn't have to consider that his behaviour was not respectful or healthy. You can only make the best decision for replied "it's ok I'm used to it :):):)"Based on what you described I am 100% sure he's used to it. He got passive aggressive because you didn’t say you loved him after a week. about a week later I go to his house, have a great time, he tells me he loves me. When someone pushes too fast and too far, and won't accept the message to slow down, then pushes or punishes you to get you to match their intensity -- chances are the manipulation will only get worse, and you'll have even less freedom to express your own feelings and concerns as the relationship progresses.I want to get married and believe you are that person. If you turn it into an emotional ultimatum, you will lose personal power in the relationship. This is a matter of self-love, integrity, and self-protection.If he continues to drag his feet and if he won’t commit, you must take a stand. Don’t allow yourself to endure further disappointment or to waste more of your invaluable time. If he won’t commit, let him experience missing you.

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