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Cartwright had no dialogue in his appearance as Doge, as he merely showed up alongside the other members of the Advanced Guard to accompany Harry Potter to the Order of the Phoenix's headquarters at 12 Grimmauld Place.

Doge shows up again in Katie Bell was another minor character who was replaced after she was finally given lines in one of the later films.

Therefore, she has been played by a number of different actresses, although only two actually received credit for the role.

According to IMDB, Leilah Sutherland played Alicia Spinnet in , where she is seen with Harry when he plays his first Quidditch match.

actors were cast when little information was known about their roles and where they'd end up.

Even if the character they were playing had a name, if they didn't have any lines or weren't featured, they were just considered background actors and were cast accordingly.

Some fans were taken aback when Elizabeth Spriggs was cast in the Fat Lady role, since she was an older Shakespearean actress that wasn't necessarily known for her comedic chops.

Spriggs tended to take more matronly roles, which didn't really fit with the Fat Lady's bubbly, sometimes drunken, and easily irritated, personality.

Initially, she was played by Emily Dale in the first two films.

Up until that point, Davis had actually played another Harry Potter character, Professor Filius Flitwick, the Charms master and head of Ravenclaw house.

In characters who often appears in the background, but never actually has any lines.

Angelina Johnson was left out of the next few movies, even though she's a part of Dumbledore's Army in the books and participates in the Battle of Hogwarts.

However, Danielle Tabor actually reprised her role for the filming of the , Tom the bartender is one of the first people to recognize Harry and treat him like a celebrity.

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Helena eventually reveals the location of the diadem to Harry after a good amount of back and forth.

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