Gridview rowupdating error

Edit Index = -1 'Bind data to the Grid View control. Find Control("cb1_ML"), Check Box) Dim Col1_PH = CType(Gridview1.

Find Control("cb1_PH"), Check Box) Dim Col1_APH = CType(Gridview1.

No, that's ok, but if you have the Auto Generate Columns property set to the default of true, then you need to extract the data directly from the Text Boxes embedded within the cells. Find Control("tb2_Others"), Text Box) Dim Col2_Roster Key = CType(Gridview1. Find Control("lb2_rosterkey"), Label) Dim Col2_Start Time = CType(Gridview1. Find Control("cb2_SL"), Check Box) Dim Col2_VL = CType(Gridview1. Find Control("cb2_VL"), Check Box) Dim Col2_ML = CType(Gridview1.

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Find Control("cb2_APH"), Check Box) Dim Col2_TOIL = CType(Gridview1.

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