Gridview is not updating

Hi, I am having a Rad Grid View with one particular Grid View Data Column having a Button and textblock as a cell template.

On Click of any of this button, I want to edit the details of that particular row.

Hello, Here I have listed the options you have in order to get the Grid View updated when a value is changed from the source: 1.

If the update were not working, I would expect that the Delete would not work either. If so, try defining an Update Parameters collection where you typecast each parameter using the proper "Type" (use the other post in which I explained to you the use of the Update Parameters) and try it again.

-- HTH, Phillip Williams wrote: I am using this update command: Update Command="Update dbo.

Vans set Vendor Van [email protected] Van No, Vendor [email protected] Code, [email protected], [email protected], Start [email protected] Date, End [email protected] Date where Van [email protected] Id" "ag******" wrote: Thanks for your reply David.

I was just lamenting the fact that the Update Command did nothing. I have since gven up on editing with the Grid View and instead use the Select Command to redirect to antoher page with a Details View for the edit.

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