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The kids of Newport Harbor are returning home for the holidays from college.This is a special appearing for four weeks which means four new episodes of the cast coming home for Thanksgiving/Christmas break.Nina was 36 at the time and sadly retired right after this session so we were unable to do more work with her after this.So, two of the most chiseled women ever, with some of the best biceps ever, are together here on one video!

Our previous sessions with her show her either in top contest shape or full off season shape, but this time she was sort of in-between, about a month away from her 2006 Nationals contest.

This series was labeled a "love story show", since it seemed most of the series was based around Chrissy & Clay.

Season 2, or aka "Home For The Holidays" is a special set of 4 episodes.

She injured herself after doing an easy set of 18 chin ups so we moved right away to posing in a bikini and dresses and did an update interview with her.

This new footage runs about 80 minutes, so we added the full 80 minutes from her 2002 shooting, which was originally on WPW 492.

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  1. Making eyes at the cutie across from you the whole ride? For starters, you’re giving back, and secondly, you’re putting yourself in a group of likeminded individuals who, like you, are obviously saints.

  2. We should celebrate the lives of those lost to suicide – at national monuments such as the National Law Enforcement Memorial, in the media, and within police and fire departments around the country,” Ruderman added.