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” This might seem like an out of the blue question, but it’s great because they don’t know the context of it. #9 “I can’t believe what’s going on right now.” This can be in relation to world news or an even what’s happening where you live.

It’s a pretty simple statement but it opens the door to a longer, deeper discussion. This is totally something I can see you doing.” Send this text along with a meme or video of someone doing something funny.

Don’t try to control the conversation too much because that’ll feel awkward and uncomfortable to the other person.

#3 Figure out what they like talking about and expand upon it. If you’re trying too hard, it’ll come across in the texts.

[Read: 20 unwritten rules of texting ettiquette] Text conversation starters that’ll help just about anyone Thankfully, there are plenty of text conversation starters you can choose from.

Some of these are actual sentences you can copy word-for-word while others are simply guidelines you can use to get creative on your own.

Having some text conversation starters ready to go will definitely help you get to know people.

You can even send them memes that remind you of them.

The point is to start the conversation without even actually saying anything. [Read: How to be funny and make people love your company] #2 Talk about their hobbies. And if you know their hobbies, then you know what they enjoy. Just look up some funny jokes online and send one their way.

Really all you need to do is ask someone to elaborate or ask follow-up questions. If you’re just asking and asking and asking about something, they’ll feel like they’re being interviewed, which will make them want to stop talking to you.

[Read: 40 questions to ask your crush to subtly flirt with them] #2 Don’t try to control it too much. If you started talking about bands and something got on the topic of tattoos, let it be.

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