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I have enjoyed it for more than six months and really recommend it to anyone who wants to find friends with benefits instantly.” (Joseph, 37, London)“I hooked up with 21 guys on Casual X and they are absolutely sexy, caring and intelligent.Overall, it’s a great app.” (Jo, 25, NYC)“I don’t like Casual X dating app because it has too many fake profiles with photos stolen from the Internet. I haven’t met any truly hot women on this app yet, so I don’t know how to deal with my daily boner in the morning.” (Peter, 21, Vancouver)“My client’s colleague developed Casual X and I know it’s hugely successful.I have turned down propositions before, from unattractive women, but also because nothing is free. That's what cheaters do, they are bringing in who knows what kind of element.If you want to know my skepticism, google professor Bruce Hay at Harvard to see what happens when a married man is gullible enough to think an attractive woman is offering NSA sex. Or let her know in some way because they end up jealous. Imo it's never worth my spouse or kids hating me, over a stranger - no way. Bruce Hay got what he deserved, cheaters get with other cheaters so no surprise. Married man here, and while I partially agree that in general, men are about as faithful as their options, it isn't true any woman can seduce any man.I have turned down propositions before, from unattractive women, but also because nothing is free.

It's about 10 men for every woman on there, if you exclude hookers and bots.Those with real dating profiles are just trying to get me to sign up on adult sites. Casual X dating app is a high-quality product in this niche because it sends its members free random matches on a daily basis.Also, people can respond to other users’ messages for free.” (Jade Seashell)“Casual X dating app is a decent platform for casual relationships and hookups.Talk to any woman who has been on AM, as I have, and have her show you her messages. Picture a bunch of really hungry married guys who think they are ordering Pssy like it's a pizza, most of who have zero game with woman and have tried to seduce one since they met their wives.First off, almost all the messages you get on AM are bullshit. Do reference something in her profile, ask her a few safe questions about herself, and volunteer something about yourself, but not your pitiful, sexless marriage.

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Which is fairly representative of real life, for every woman looking to cheat, 10 men are available which is depressing to think that most married men are DTF if the opportunity presents itself.

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