Gemini woman dating leo man

If your criticism is constructive and does not stir an argument, then it’s usually well received.

Nevertheless, if you make nasty comment or take it too personally, then for sure you will earn no response except a cold shoulder.

You all may hear about how dominant and competitive Leo man is, so it seems a bit unexpected to know that he wounds easily.

It’s hard for him to admit this but it is the fact.

If you look for a boyfriend who seems chivalrous and a bit old-fashioned, then this guy is an ideal option.

In marriage, he makes a faithful, loving husband and a supportive, caring father as well.

Another characteristic that you will be aware of once dating this guy is stubborn.

In case you are seeking a guy with persistency, then the king of the jungle is not a good match.

Actually he can practice to be patient, but it’s really like a torture to him.

He believes that life is full of many wonderful things to discover, so there’s no reason to be down and depressed always.

No matter what a Leo does, he’s extremely confident, ambitious, and passionate.

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He may not even realize it but he usually behaves willfully.

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