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The server will respond by opening a port (predefined random port, Y1023) and acknowledges the client by sending out P to it.

Then the client initiates the connection from port X 1 to the server’s port Y for data transferring.

RFC 959 was published in 1985, which became the current standard specification.

Transfer Modes – Passive and Active In passive mode connections, the FTP client initiates the connections to the command port and data port to the host server.

This is the preferred mode in most FTP clients as well as the default FTP setting in Sync Back Pro as the client’s firewall will allow outgoing connections to the server.

Anonymous FTP: Various public servers allow anonymous login.

Users can log in to servers without an account to download files. Take note that your IP address is tracked even though it is an anonymous session. Copy files from the FTP site to the FTP client’s system. Copy files from the client’s system to the FTP site. FTP Site: A hosting server that contains files for download and upload.

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Download PDF version [opens in new window] FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.

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