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Scenario 3: Pearl’s Business on e Bay and Craigslist Pearl makes her living by fencing stolen property online.

She has done well and has moved from selling stolen CDs and DVDs to bigger ticket items, including Bose stereo systems, digital camcorders, and even Apple computers.

In the latter case, the FBI reported that Letavac wrote an e-mail found in the victim’s school locker with comments like “ I showed you what love is and how it feels,” and “ I want to show you how making love feels too, not just sex because there is a difference.” [10] The FBI reported that the victim signed onto My Space as an 18-year old, but told Levatec she was 14 before he visited [11].

Notably, third-party Internet service providers (ISPs) and law enforcement are cooperating in building criminal prosecutions against offenders.

After selling over US0,000 in stolen property, the Nita City District Attorney files criminal charges and begins to investigate Pearl.Technorati, the self-proclaimed authority on “what’s going on in the world of weblogs,” tracks 38.7 million sites and 2.4 billion links [2].According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, nearly 87 percent of those aged 12-19 use the Internet and are “more likely than older users to send and receive instant messages, play online games, create blogs, download music, and search for school information.” [3] One in five maintain a blog or personal Web page, sharing their personal stories, photographs and videos [4].With the increased reliance on technology in everyday life — including business, recreation, and culture — individuals leave traces of criminal activity on their computers, and now, online. This paper explores the issues that both prosecutors and defense counsel face in determining whether digital evidence from Internet-based sources, primarily social networks, should be admitting under the Federal Rules of Evidence. Fourth Amendment and digital search and seizure issues, questions as to the admissibility of such acquired evidence begin to emerge.

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