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I figured this was the meeting mom had agreed to and was very curious as to what the problem was.I didn't know if mom was ill or if we were having financial problems or what.It was the smaller kids nap room and I could hear voices inside.When I got to the door, it was locked but I knew it opened into a small office which led to the larger nap room.

Mom wears very thick glasses that make her look oh so innocent.I'd seen my dads big cock (soft) on occasion in public bathrooms and mine was getting nearly as big.Mine is 6 inches soft and a fat 9 inches hard with big full low hanging balls that need to be drained at least twice a day.My mom does extra work around the church, she teaches Sunday school and holds Bible studies on Wednesday nights and cleans the church on Monday evenings and Thursday nights.Last Sunday after church, mom told me to take the car and go home because she had to stay and talk to Pastor Bob.

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