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Eudora is a classic, powerful, flexible and efficient email client that cans spam precisely, too, and shows nary a weakness.

That’s why you’ll always hear people asking if you have enough RAM because the more RAM you have, the better your computers’ performance will be.

Some of Eudora's best features (the spam filter and fast search) are only available in the paid version. Over the years, the makers of Eudora have found efficient and elegant solutions to just about all email problems as they have surfaced.

Eudora also has solutions for problems you probably do not have (like "Mood Watch," the amusing indicator of aggressive vocabulary), but for the most part, Eudora is a flexible, fast and easy to use an email program.

To change the virtual memory settings, go to Start, Control Panel and click on System.

Click on the Advanced tab and under the Performance box, click Settings.

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