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Rather than worrying about the consequences, some have begun to question what all the fuss was about.

Education researcher Gerald Bracey, for example, has argued that no one has “provided any data on the relationship between the economy’s health and the performance of schools.

In contrast, low-income people from socially deprived backgrounds do not receive the same benefits, regardless of access and internet skills.

Dr Ellen Helsper says that gender doesn't influence who benefits most online, but occupation does.

Falls in blood pressure and total cholesterol staved off more than 20,000 deaths from coronary heart disease in England between 20, shows a mathematical analysis.

A more direct measure of a country’s human capital is the performance of students on tests in math and science, something that might be called the average level of “cognitive skills” among those entering a country’s work force.Not everyone is able to translate internet use into tangible everyday benefits," Dr Helsper says."While more and more people might be online these days, the internet clearly benefits those with a higher social status," she adds.The researchers looked at different socio-economic groups and how their use of the internet impacted on their economic and social wellbeing, as well educational, political and institutional outcomes.Overall, 75 per cent of those surveyed said the internet enabled them to buy cheaper products, 68 per cent said they traded goods via the internet and 62 per cent used it to book more affordable holidays.

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The level of cognitive skills of a nation’s students has a large effect on its subsequent economic growth rate.

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