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It was the only drama that survived UPN’s 2004-05 season.

was released this weekend as a surprise to fans and Jason Dohring returns as Logan Echolls… The 37-year-old actor got into amazing shape with the help of Eric The Trainer.

In 2011 to 2012, Dohring worked alongside actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze in the television Ringer.

In 2004, Dohring appeared for a role in the television series, Veronica Mars.

Doug Dohring also founded the marketing research firm the Dohring Company and Neopets, Inc.The original production notes and pilot script had some other big changes: names!Lilly's name was Samantha; Lianne Mars' was Rebecca, then Abbie; Wallace's last name was Collier; Logan's last name was Hewitt; and the Kanes family’s last name was Cain, then Caine.Dohring quoted during his experience on acting on television, "I love the creating part of taking on a character.It is fun to BE another person and create what it would be like to be that person." in 2007, after the cancellation of Veronica Mars, Dohring, along with series creation Rob Thomas, and Kristen Bell, attempted to promote the series to try to have it renewed for another season or at have a motion picture.

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