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I know because I am very popular on the mind-blowing granny chat and it may be hard to get hold of me, but I can give you this I am worth the wait.Recently I let a younger guy have his wicked way with me. I was a little bit dubious, but I thought, what the hell.All 190 numbers in Australia are closing at the end of September.From October you can still call us on 1300 338 474 and pay by credit, debit or prepaid card.So when I got home I felt very lonely, and really did have the holiday blues.I am actually a great gran, no one knows I do this job, but I love doing what I do.

I talk to all sorts of chaps who need what I can provide, a non-judgmental, sexy, world-wise voice that allows them to explore their wildest fantasies.

So when they suggested we go for the night I got dressed up in my best clothes.

I felt like I was 18 again, we were mutton dressed as lamb. I met a 21 year old guy, who danced with me all night, we went back to my hotel room too!

For example, some of the university lads actually desire an older woman, and some of them have secret desires for their female professors.

While they're old enough to make a play, they're often too shy and inexperienced to approach an older woman.

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