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Nico and Percy have never gotten along, from the moment they met each other. Alternative Title: Nico Di Angelo - 7 Reasons Why Cause Netflix Already Used 13 Reasons Why Nico and Percy have been with each other for two months, but not dating, just fucking.Percy absolutely despises Nico and everything that he does, an onslaught of insults hurled from each direction. He just takes it, because he's wants to love the person behind the punch, wants to not be afraid of being beaten to a pulp. Now Percy has asked him on a date, and what is Nico to decline? Part of the Intoxicating Encounter Series Day 5 Prompt: Exchange Student Nico just wants to get the day over with, school not happening extremely advised.But this is an opponent like none they’ve ever faced before, a fight that can only end in pain and destruction- because Death herself has come to claim what is hers, and there’s nothing and no one that can stand in her way. Percy Jackson has gotten kicked out of another school for the 15th time. Bad enough that she's gearing up for battle while wrestling with the emotional turmoil over two of her dearest friends that is turning her heart inside out. He submits an application to the small gas station where he saw the boy, hoping some good would come out of it.And because of his behavior, a judge has sent Percy to Wild's Academy, a school for delinquents. She doesn't need more mysterious glimpses about the Great Prophecy and how it connects to her own history. Now, if only he would not be so oblivious and notice him...They managed to lead normal lives without drawing attention to themselves. There is a girl glowing softly in the early evening sunlight, shimmering with a glow of incandescent brilliance. His eyes are dark and focused and she is smiling like she has all the time in the world in this spectral light, young and slight with an elegant neck thats beauty is only marred by the grotesque scar that runs across it.- There is a darkness looming over Camp Half-Blood.

" Draco and Harry busted out laughing at Percy's surprised face , Cho smiled and laughed ,"And for a drink? Percy laughed and said ,"it's OK I don't bite" Hesitantly Nico snuggled up next to him. " Percy exclaimed making Nico cough , Percy patted his back and Nico stopped ,"I'm not a baby" Percy rolled his eyes,"I beg to differ Baby " Nico playfully glared. Draco kissed Harry on the lips ,"Thanks Harry,this was nice I loved it " and walked in.He's adandoned by everyone except Sally, Leo, Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank,and Nico. Cake it is then ,(this chapter is just a Drarry and Percico fluff) ...The Griffindors took their Slytherin dates to Cho's Cake and Cupcake Shop for their date.Moments later Cho returned and dropped off the food ,"Here you go,hope everything is delightful " and she left. Draco loved the taste of the the blueberry muffins and drank his Vanilla Frappe ,leaving a white milk mustache. Harry seemed like he was just waking up from a dream come true.Percy dug into him Blue frosted sugar cookies and sipped his chocolate milk. Harry couldn't help himself ,he licked it off. Nico got on his tippy toes and kissed Percy on the lips. The two Gay Gryffindors walked to their doorms as if drunk and loving it.

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Once there, Percy meets an odd girl, an angry raven haired boy and learns his new school is completely crazy, and most definitely not in a good way. But in order to understand what lies in her future, Annabeth has to dig into the past.

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