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Meeting people was challenging, let alone meeting someone in a romantic capacity.There were dates here and there, but bringing up the topic of my hearing loss is not exactly a first date dinner conversation. One guy did ask me in a text post-date if I had a lisp (aka my deaf accent), and so I very surface-level explained the situation, and we’re still good friends to this day.I focused a lot on school and soccer, but I still felt like I had things to offer when it came to being in a romantic relationship. I hated the idea of being that person that got immediately rejected when a guy went to kiss me on the ear, and something got in the way!My parents always say I wasn’t looking at the guys who did like me, which is probably the case, but why didn’t the ones I like-like me? My hearing aids kept me from feeling and enjoying any sort of romantic moment.

One time, after finally letting myself get close to a guy during my senior year of high school, the conversation about the “ringing” and “pulling away” came up via AIM chat. The question had been asked, so I had to answer, and that was that.Throughout my college years, I continued to back off and shy away from getting intimate with anyone.I’m not a vulnerable person, and revealing the feelings and emotions associated with my hearing loss is perhaps the most vulnerable I can get.We continued to date and kiss for a few months, and it was never brought up again.For me, I had just revealed something huge, and I never knew how he felt about it. I know it was just that, but it was hard for me to not think it might’ve been something else.

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She says she can hear fairly well with her hearing aids and read lips, and I want to make sure I don't do anything by accident that may come off as rude. Hearing people patronise me all the time and some of them don't mean to, but I still get annoyed by it.

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