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But the book is written with a good deal of insight and humor. Also, he’s a man-from what I’ve discerned, men like things in graphic detail. I’m not sure if it started out as an exercise in trying to communicate better with the women in his life (he does dedicate it to his wife) or if it was written to truly help out women all over the world understand the men in their lives.

Some of the things that Matthews reveals is: Why does a guy ask you out? That would best be decided by you after you’ve stopped reading my review and have read the book for yourself.

One was, “Why would a man want to be intimate with me, if he doesn’t treat me with respect?

” Well, I learned, in a man’s mind, respect doesn’t play into sex issues.

He doesn’t hold back with his words, so the reader should be prepared for some graphic details.

In addition to gaining insight into how a man thinks or doesn’t think, he also offers some great advice on techniques for spicing up the relationship.

However, when I asked my husband if men were that basic, he said, "Yes, that's right." So, girls - read the book, learn about the three "F's" and see how to understand your man in a whole new light. I was very impressed with his ability to understand the minds of women.

They don’t need to have respect for a woman to have fun with her.

I also gained some insight into men and women just being friends.

This is definitely excellent reading material for someone who wants to make positive changes in her relationship.

Matthews answered some rhetorical questions that I had in my mind in regards to issues in previous relationships.

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