Dating violence pamphlet canada dating people in jail

Many police services across Canada have special domestic assault units with police officers and other professionals who will listen and try to help you. Check the first few pages of your telephone book for the phone number.If there is someone at your place of worship whom you trust, tell them what is happening.Some of these community organizations may have services in your first language.Multicultural or immigrant serving organizations may be able to give you information and refer you to helpful services.

Your family doctor can give you advice on what to do if you are being abused.

You may also go to the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Legal help may be available from a lawyer or a legal aid office.

If you are legally entitled to be in Canada - as a refugee, a permanent resident or a sponsored spouse - you may be entitled to free health coverage after three months under provincial or territorial health insurance.

Refugee claimants may have access to health care coverage from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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