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The author-nurse cleverly calls these ways, treatments.

For example, she says one treatment is to meet people at the gym, thus the chapter title, Get Physical; another treatment is to attend various community education classes, thus Get Mental.

Some of these chapters are: You Can Improve Your Social Life, Barriers to Effective Relationships, Do's and Don'ts for Dating and Relationships, Bringing Back Romance, When an Extended Relationship Ends, and How to Have a Successful Blind Date.

The book concludes with an appendix of additional dating Michelle Mc Kinney Hammond.

From Harvest House (Eugene, OR) in 2003, this 132-page book sold for .99 (trade cover).911: Urgent Dating Solutions by Gail Burgess.

This book is one of the most comprehensive books yet published that speaks to the whole range of ways single adults can meet each other.

The author has learned how to be a "magnet for meeting people" and shares those insights in this book.

Also interspersed throughout the book are various little chapters that deal with various issues related to dating and relationships.Her 101 ways are divided into the five categories of the senses: Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch.Some of her pointers include discussions on Lips, Legs, Posture, Compliments, Soft Tones, Perfume, Home Cooking, Sweetness, Moods, Tears, Secrets, Passion, Softness, Modesty, Color, Clothing, Kisses, Mind, and Attention.Both books are heart-warming collections of short, true-life romances that celebrate the miraculous power of love.Each volume contains about eighty short stories are both are divided in the following categories: Divine Appointment, The Moment We Met, Will You Marry Me,? This book, written for women by a woman pastor, says that your quest for a mate starts with yourself and tells you how to get ready for the mate God has for you so you can enjoy your single life and make dating a journey of spiritual growth.

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Some of the topics covered are: Becoming road-kill on the Singles Highway, How to stop stripping prematurely, How to avoid getting hurt (again), How to give someone a chance, Why there are so many “right” people for you, Overcome the anxiety of not measuring up, Why to put all your eggs in one basket, and, Why so many relationships don’t last.

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