Dating the sargon legend

Meanwhile, Sargon expanded his empire, defeating the Elamites to the East, who inhabited what is today western Iran.

To the West, Sargon conquered parts of Syria and Anatolia.

He established his capital at Akkad, near Kish, becoming the first king of the Akkadian Dynasty.

The city, which lent its name to the empire, has never been found.

First let's set up with the Moses story, from Exodus 2:1-10: And there went a man of the house of Levi, and took to wife a daughter of Levi.

Sargon the Great was one of the world's earliest empire builders.

The Akkadians developed the first postal system, constructed roads, improved irrigation systems, and advanced the arts and sciences.

Sargon also is remembered for creating a society where the weak were protected.

"My mother was a changeling, my father I knew not...

My mother conceived me in secret, she gave birth to me in concealment. He lifted me out as he dipped his jar into the river, He took me as his son, he raised me, He made me his gardener." Sargon's mother, said to have been a priestess in a town on the Euphrates River and perhaps one of an order of sacred prostitutes, couldn't keep the child.

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She set me in a basket of rushes, She sealed the lid with tar. She hit upon an option strikingly similar to one involving Moses, although her baby supposedly floated down the Euphrates instead of the Nile.

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