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The back and faceplate were 1/4" masonite, not the sturdiest or most audiophile quality material.In fact, a few years after it's introduction, they cheaped out and instead of a one piece faceplate with a circular hole for the speaker, changed it to a two piece with a very small square hole, I guess to make construction quicker.At any rate it is some kind of pressed board, not resembling wood in any way.A mere 5 inches deep from the rear of the faceplate to the back of the cabinet too, not advantageous to good tone.

It is around a 15 watt amp, so I won't be playing any arenas with it.Jimi seemed to have been using this amp around late 1962 / early 1963.It can be seen on a photo of him performing with the King Kasuals.Using a small dental brush and isopropyl alcohol, I scrubbed each pinhole of each tube socket.Then I re-tensioned all the pinholes of all the sockets.

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