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The motion passed and thereafter, the printed budget no longer mentioned a bus for the seniors. The seniors in our society, we are told, have an increasing amount of STDs, due to the availability of ED remedies like viagra, cialis, etc.

A couple of years later, the same man rose in a budget presentation visibly upset because the money for a new bus was not included. Pastors might be surprised at the amount of sexual activity that goes on with seniors.

A unique feature was we decided to invite the unbaptized to remedy that situation on the spot.

We provided counselors to help each person be certain of their salvation, and had available towels and hair dryers and baptismal garments.

”–they rejected me as pastor and had the Hospice minister do her funeral.

She was so offended–the daughter informed me later that “Mother does not like to think about dying!

A consultant from our state office met regularly with our leadership and the group formulated a number of recommendations. The older people began to protest that we were pushing them out the door, that they would be forgotten, that all we wanted in the church were young marrieds and were willing to destroy the church program to get them.

No amount of reassurance quietened their fears, even after we met in their homes to explain matters and answer questions.

After my explanation and a demonstration, we sang a hymn and invited people to “walk out the back door’ (a change from the usual Baptist invitation of “going forward”) where they would be met by counselors.

Among those responding was an 82-year-old lady who usually worked in the nursery.

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