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They only pay attention to you when it strokes their ego, or makes them feel good.

That also means they contact you when they feel like it.

A selfish person won’t care about your feelings, and will keep hurting you.

In other words, they always do what’s best and convenient for them, but never both of you as a unit.

Men feel attraction, act on the attraction, but don’t determine whether they like you as a person or are emotionally ready for a relationship until AFTER. What’s not common is the amount of psychological abuse you seem to be willing to put yourself through in order to win back this douchecanoe.

He’s done NOTHING to earn your loyalty and EVERYTHING to hurt you. That is, I would be angry if anger were the emotion I was feeling in this hypothetical game.

They let you know what they’re doing at the last second because if something better pops up that’s in their interest, they’ll take that route instead.

This is because they don’t care about you, they care about them.

The second you put your foot down on giving, they are already out the door.A week or two later he started to act really cold, not texting or phoning me unless I did it first.He would only see me once a week because he said he was busy (which he was).I didn’t tell the guy about this, which was totally wrong. —Rose Rose, Although your question is very similar to this one, which I wrote a few years back, I wanted to tackle it and see if I could shed some light on your situation.He wouldn’t tell people he was my boyfriend and he wouldn’t hold hands with me on the street. He says I cheated on him and that I’m a slut and things like that. I’ve now realized he did love me but he didn’t have the guts to admit it or to show it. I’m desperate and don’t know what to do because I feel I’ve lost a great guy just because of a big misunderstanding. Quick, let’s play a game called “What’s my emotion? Bemused — Because literally half of my questions sound something like this: “I met this guy and the chemistry was really great and we slept together and I thought he was my boyfriend but now he’s acting distant and doesn’t seem to want a relationship. ”Pity — Because even though this guy wouldn’t call or text you, see you more than once a week, commit to you as a boyfriend, and finally called you a slut for dating other men, you’re STILL delusional enough to think he’s a “great guy”, that you “cheated” on him and that he “loved you” after a few weeks of “dating”.

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If you were to send them a naked picture, however, that person would respond right away because it works in their favor to do so — in order to get more from you.

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  1. Just because we met doesn’t mean we have to get married. We get the social pressures on you to be a “good wife and mother”, but you need to chill.