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Where to watch it: In theaters Release date: February 13Director: Christopher Landon Cast: Jessica Rothe, Suraj Sharma, Israel Broussard Why it's great: The danger with explain-y sequels to movies that wrapped up quite nicely without too much explanation is that the sequel, just by existing in the first place, will sour all the meaningful messages you got in the first movie by trying too hard to expand the universe.The great thing about , is that it offers just enough new explanation for what's going on without erasing all the good stuff from the first movie., which stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw as a woman on the run from the law who has to deal with managing her unique set of terrifying, destructive superpowers, takes the slow route, crafting a meandering road movie out of a woman's search for her identity and for a way to live with her traumatic past.

This is all in maybe the first 10 minutes of the movie.Even the cop cars are layered with a despondent film of dust.Where to watch it: In theaters (NY and LA) Release date: February 14Director: Robert Rodriguez Cast: Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali Why it's great: We've seen a lot of really, really bad live-action anime adaptations in the past few years, so to watch one that embraces the full scope of its source material while getting as weird and fun as it wants to be is such a joy., but the sheer scope of the movie's stunning visuals prove that it was worth the wait. Where to watch it: In theaters was the first pleasant surprise of the year, a fun, tight thriller based on the party game craze that's sweeping the nation.The phrase "hunter warrior" is said a ton of times. But this time, instead of a fun knight or hacker or pirate theme, the stakes are real: If you die in the escape room, you die in real life.

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