Dating relationships men not calling often

However, calling out fatphobic myths was obviously not the game’s aim.

[Image description: A screenshot of the Family Feud game board with the six most popular answers: “Fatty got money” (34 out of 100 people surveyed), “She’s fat/digs food” (23/100), “She’ll look better” (12/100), “She’s in love” (9/100), “He’s warm/cuddly” (6/100), and “He won’t cheat” (4/100).]The one thing this particular round of Family Feud does correctly is summarize many of the unfortunate myths our society perpetuates about fat people — specifically, fat men — and relationships.Steve Harvey, in his “comedic” fashion, responded as if this was the most outrageous answer in the world, with the other contestants and the audience laughing in agreement.In so doing, the show promoted the notion that while fat men can be warm and cuddly, they aren’t to be seen as sexual beings, let alone “good” at sex.What are fat men watching supposed to think about their bodies and their worth as human beings?This is one of those “positive stereotypes” many folks try to use to buttress their blatant bigotry.

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Let’s go through each of the top six most popular answers in order to better understand how they’re inaccurate and harmful to men of size.

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