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Ant says that these cards indicate that I handle rejection well and have trouble getting attached, so I should be careful about potentially missing subtler romantic gestures; I’m also prone to self-sabotage.

The final three cards were the Page reversed and the Knight of Swords upright with the Knight of Cups, which indicates that I have high expectations but tend to be attracted to people who “have potential, rather than somebody who already Then, Ant did something that I was surprised by: he added a new deck to the mix.

“I use oracle decks to get more specific in a section of a reading — if I see an issue or want more explanation, I pull out the oracle deck.” From the oracle deck, he drew two cards: Parasite and Addicted, indicating independence and an aversion to clinginess.

“You do need independence, but I think you’re a little too hyper-independent,” Ant says.

“When it comes to relationships, you know exactly what it takes to maintain a serious, strong relationship, and you’re not going to lose yourself in them,” Ant says.

He plays his favourite songs (including lots of K-pop) before readings and regularly uses tarot to predict celebrity drama, such as the James Charles/Tati Westbrook feud.Finally, Ant drew another two cards from an astrology deck: Pluto and Libra.Pluto indicates that I want someone who has made a significant change in their lives, and Libra indicates that the person will have some of the traits associated with Libras, such as diplomacy, sweetness, and a “boy- or girl-next-door vibe.” They'll have a passion for equality that might lead them to work in the legal field.“My intention is to help them and be like, ‘Hey, this is something you should watch out for.’”He has similar words for people who think his advice — which can include telling people to consider ending a relationship — is too harsh.“My style is very straightforward: I don’t like to sugarcoat things,” he says.

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Next up: the Queen of Wands, which represents me (and which Ant said represents him as well).

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