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The firm does all the work, making reservations, clearing the matches with customers.All winter long I've been coming home after work and not leaving the house - firmly rooted in my hermitage now.My impression of the suburbs is that no one does anything other than retire on the couch to watch television after work, hence nothing for me to do to socialize with other people.Awww yeah it's hard in the 'burbs to meet young singles. My cousin met her husband on the express bus from Queens to Manhattan!! It wasn't cheap but he was always going to some club outing or going off on a weekend trip.They saw each other every morning, talked a bit, and eventually he asked her out! Meet a damn nice girl that he is head over heels abouttoo I can sort of empathize with the OP b/c I was in that same situation all but 7 months ago...however he is 24 so he has a lot of time yet.

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I would like to at least get a girlfriend if I can't find any friends here but don't even know anymore (with not being in school) how to find eligible girls. The "free" side of dating sites is typically worthless. Put a few bucks a month into it and you'll at least interact with and meet a few nice folks.

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