Dating multiple girls same time

As I lamented over which of three I’d cut off and which one would remain, a very simple question emerged: “Why?

” Why would I limit myself and my chances of of meeting the right person by only dating one man at a time?

When I've got my eye on a girl, she's typically the only one I've got my eye on, and if I don't get her then all hope is lost for a couple of months. How people can happily chat up to girls at the same time is beyond me.

I know I'd personally feel horrible if I knew the girl I was dating was seeing other guys.

Therefore, it’s an irrational expectation that you should be the only person in our lives while we’re courting each other.

We also don’t expect to be the only person in yours until we’ve decided to be exclusive.

The goal is to have no regrets or We don’t want break-ups, constant trying, divorce or separations.

As you know, after a breakup, that other option is usually either no longer single or it’s weird because you haven’t spoken in months.

Oh well you can't learn without making mistakes so man's never gonna do that again I really don't get how people do this.

I don't see a problem with other people doing it if all parties involved aren't expecting monogamy and want to see other people, there's nothing wrong with open relationships as long as they are exactly that, open.

I agree with you about the lying, sneaking around with more than one person without telling any of the people involved is very underhanded and frankly just wrong.

I personally don't see anything wrong with dating 2 girls at the same time even long term, as long as they are aware of it and ok with it.

My problem is the lying, wrote it in bold and underlined it because lying is detrimental to any relationship(s), and it is just bad. I am not a pervert or anything, dating and relationships aren't just about sex if I wanted just sex there is such things as one nightstand and prostitutes lol.

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