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The purpose of this study is to explore and illustrate the potential of exposed roots to reconstruct larger-scale landslide activity and thus to complement tree-ring data gathered from stems to reconstruct spatio-temporal patterns of landslide reactivation.Work was undertaken in a forested area of the Davids-Bas landslide, Barcelonnette (Southeastern French Alps) and based on growth disturbances (GD) from 48 stems and on anatomical changes (decrease of cell lumina) in 20 exposed root sections of heavily affected Mountain pine ( Mill.ex Mirb.) trees growing on the scarps and upon the landslide body.A total of 95 GD and 20 anatomical changes were identified in the samples pointing to 7 movements of the landslide body since AD 1977.D: Presence of shallow translational earthslides in its lower parts undercut by Ubaye river. F: Exposed roots used for the reconstruction of past landslide activity.

L’analyse dendrogéomorphologique repose sur l’étude de 48 pins à crochets présentant des signes traumatiques caractéristiques d’une instabilité dont 11 ont fait l’objet de prélèvements additionnels au niveau du système racinaire.As trees suffering from superficial and slow movements may survive reactivations and thus conserve the evidence of tree topping, tilting (or S-shaped stems) and scars in their increment series (Carrara and O'Neill, 2003; Stefanini, 2004), spatial and temporal patterns of past landsliding can be dated using tree-ring samples from stem.In landslide prone areas, tree roots resist tension, thereby increasing the shear strength of shallow soils through mechanical reinforcement (Shewbridge and Sitar, 1989; Skaugset, 1997).Elles permettent donc d’affiner la cartographie des périodes de retour.D’autre part, le caractère abrupt des variations anatomiques observées révèle une exposition résultant de processus d’érosion brutaux et non d’une érosion continue.

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