Dating ideas in rexburg

We have often spent a lot of time picking out movies or even tv shows that we want to watch.

The top floor has the adult, young adult, and non-fiction section.

Winter and Summer they have adult reading programs, this winter the program is Tresspassing Time- if you read a book from (either written in or about) certain time periods you get rewards.My husband and I occasionally read books together but can't finish them if they aren't pretty short and real cliff hangers.We have found our best bet is to pick a book from the Children's section.On our side bar we have a few of our favorites, but the one I think we had the most fun reading has been The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. Even though we had both read it when we were younger we had forgotten the ending and couldn't help but be drawn in.Up the stairs from the Children's section, on the main floor, they have a great selection of movies.

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