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The actual frustrating part, though, was Birger’s advice as to what to do about it such as move to Silicon Valley or Des Moines where men outnumber women, date plumbers and firemen or less educated guys, or go to a college that is heavy in the math and sciences. None of these seemed really feasible or attractive to us.But after chatting about it, it seems there may be another possibility that isn’t being discussed… “Dating without borders” is becoming a more attractive option for many reasons.Yeah, her beau’s family has a lake house in Bodrum she’s also gotten to enjoy. So, while there may not be stats on how dating cross-culturally might minimize the man deficit for more mature, successful, educated women, it seems the proof is in the anecdotes.Single Foreign Men Looking For American Women have been a phenomenon in the last few years.“I’m done with American guys — but they were done with me first, so I’m sure they won’t mind.” Another reason multicultural dating might work?

Birger — who was wondering why many of his amazing female friends were single and couldn’t seem to find a man — ran the economic stats and discovered that women aren’t necessarily doing anything wrong in the dating game.

“It’s wonderful — and a big plus — to have so much to share, compare and learn,” says Jill J., a dance educator who has also worked in fashion and is marrying an Irishman in Northern Ireland after previously having been married to an Italian.

“In my experience, other cultures highly respect and regard women.

To clarify, this doesn’t mean that the guy has to actually still live in another country, but for some reason, it seems that dating foreign men may be another answer to the “male deficit” that Birger writes about…

at least for educated, together women over the age of 30. Well, in a recent conversation with many of my single female friends and several who are actually in relationships (all of whom are in the 30-55 female demographic), a common thread started to surface…

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