Dating foreign guys

Being independent and having a proper job wasn’t positive anymore.

All he wanted was that I become a dumb woman who relied on him and looked beautiful every day.

Bangkok seems to be a haven for foreigners of both sexes escaping problems in their home countries and Thais that believe they can hide many things from foreigners.“People aren’t steady here. Once someone lies or isn’t who they say they are, it’s hard not to transfer that feeling and always doubt everyone you meet,” Cara explained. ” mentality that suggests that, if you’re living here, you really should sleep with Thai women to make the most of it — that you’d be crazy not to at least sample the local culture via romance.

Cara also reported that Thai women who aggressively pursue farang men can present another challenge.

Bangkokians rely heavily on the old stereotype that the city is a dating paradise for foreign men while foreign women are left single and desperate.

While times are changing and some things are shifting, some also remain the same.

’”Kelly was in Taipei a few weeks ago and was shocked at the amount of attention she got. You get used to feeling unattractive or invisible in Thailand.

Dating in Bangkok, I’ve learned to rely on my personality hard.”Foreign men, even if they are new in town, may arrive with dreams of dating a Thai girl.

My ex used to say ‘Maybe you should just care less’ when I would talk about politics.”Eiko came here with a Thai man she fell for while they were both students in Australia.

They buy them flowers, chocolates, and expensive presents.

They bring them Thai snacks and giggle ‘You must try this!

living in Bangkok will be glamorous, exotic, and full of romance. What no one tells them before they touch down at Suvarnabhumi Airport is that many Thai guys aren’t into non-Asian women, and that most foreign guys accepted that English teacher position in order to get into more compromising positions with Thai women.

That leaves a small pool made even tinier by the fact that “Bangkok gets a lot of transient losers and douchebags,” she said of the city’s myriad untrained teachers, bartenders, and long-stay backpackers.

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