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Elizabeth Warren will be the main attraction as the only candidate in the top tier of most polls. While videos of Harris grilling Republicans like Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh went viral, “I don’t think being prosecutorial works being in a primary debate with 10 people,” Schroeder said.

Thursday night features most of the top polling stars of this early phase of the campaign, including former Vice President Joe Biden, Vermont Sen. Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind. “This is a venue where every second of air time is precious.” “Her challenge is to have her voice heard in a way that it differentiates her,” Caufield said, noting that Harris has stayed flat in the polls.

“Somebody who is on life support already might try a gimmick.

Some kind of line that gets repeated over and over.

When Biden debated 2012 GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, 26 years his junior, Ryan “looked like a kid in trouble with Dad for stealing the car.” Buttigieg’s “challenge is not to melt away on a debate stage,” Caufield said. But that’s hard to do when there’s so many people vying for attention.

We haven’t seen him in a position where he has to assert himself among many much more experienced political voices.” Plus, Buttigieg is dealing with his first major challenge of the campaign — his handling of the controversy around a white police officer fatally shooting a black man in South Bend. It’s very likely, given that the former Colorado governor previewed his attack earlier this month at the California Democratic Party convention when he said “socialism is not the answer” — and was booed by the Sanders-friendly delegates.

The thing to remember about a debate involving 10 presidential candidates is that it isn’t a debate.

Row 2: Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Michael Bennet, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg.

Instead, she predicted, the candidates will throw shaded comments his way such as, “‘It’s time for a new generation.’ Or, ‘We need fresh ideas.’ Or, ‘We can’t keep investing in the myth of compromise.’” Biden, a two-time failed presidential candidate and mediocre debater, will probably try to remain above the fray. “She’s struggling to do that now.” Is Mayor Pete for real?

Perhaps he’ll rip off a zinger similar to the one he aimed at then-GOP presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani in a 2007 Democratic debate — that the former New York mayor needed just three things to form a sentence: “a noun, a verb and 9/11.” New Jersey Sen. Buttigieg’s intellect and even-keeled persona gave him an early boost in the polls.

“But if Hickenlooper actually does that, I’d hate to be reading his Twitter feed afterward to see how Bernie’s supporters respond.” Is Warren in a good spot?

Warren will be the only candidate in Wednesday’s lineup in the upper tier of polls, but that could be a mixed bag. And that would not be the case if she were in the second night,” Schroeder said.

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