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Some important dates are: February 14 (Valentine’s Day – opposite to Western traditions – women give men chocolate); March 14 (White Day – men give women chocolate); December 24 (special day for dating couples), anniversaries, birthdays, etc.Where to take your special person on a date can require some thought for any relationship. If you are on a budget, some date options include: taking a walk in the park, going to a local “matsuri” (festival) café hopping, street shopping and eating inexpensive vendor sweets like “taiyaki” or “sembe” cherry blossoms or autumn leaves watching, etc.You need to have an open mind and try to see it from that person’s viewpoint.If you don’t know the culture or are still learning about the person, ask them what they are thinking and why.The statistics are from 2013, so there might be slight differences in the overall total.However, you can see the marriage statistics involving a Japanese national and an expat is quite significant.The choice of spoken language is an important point when dealing with two people who do not share the same native language.

However, if you are dating a Japanese person, you will need to understand the difference between public and private as well as “location, location, location.” Public affection is a common concern among internationals dating Japanese individuals. Dating a person from another culture can be both amazing and challenging. If you have lived in Japan awhile, you might have the chance to meet that “special” person.Americans (for example) tend to voice their thoughts in an aim to prove their point.While Japanese people generally want the respect of his or her partner and for the partner to listen to their ideas without interruption.

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