Dating deception

Instead of people reporting feelings such as guilt, shame and fear which is commonly associated with face to face deception, very few people report negative feelings when it comes to online deception.This is thought to possibly relate to the medium of the internet and the idea it is less threatening to deceive someone you do not know (Caspi and Gorsky, 2006).Some have called the internet a “safe playground” for experimenting with aspects of one’s self (Caspi & Gorsky, 2006, p.58).Identity play was found to be one of the most common motivations for taking part in online deception.

Deception also occurs from one attempting to enhance one’s self presentation but Toma et al.

Another common motivation for online deception was privacy concerns.

Privacy concerns, as a reason for deception, would mostly be due to a higher anxiety of negative consequences coming from the online interaction.

Two of these major properties are editability and rehearsability.

Editability refers to one’s ability to edit information about oneself even after it has been posted online while rehearsability refers to one’s ability to think about how to present his or herself ahead of time and to do so in a way that best presents his or herself (Toma et al., 2008).

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