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They won’t be responding instantly and at all hours of the night.When people chat with bots, they are punching data into a series of if-then a great new service which basically allows you to create your own chatbot for free.Typically, people have a wrong notion that creating and managing a chatbot is a difficult and involves complex programming.Chatbots have become advanced, but there are still ways to trip them up and out them as the imposters they are.Taking the offensive can be necessary — and helpful for your safety — when you encounter bots that don’t make the above mistakes without any prompt.We made this guide so people can answer the big question: Bot or not?

Chat Tool Founder Robert Brandl offered the following example: Don’t waste your energy outing these guys. Save it for long conversations and “people” you chat with outside of customer service such as those on online dating platforms.

There’s only so much time to code, so some responses might have more than one trigger.

A human would not respond exactly the same way to different questions or comments.

Other bots will try too hard to speak casually by using an excess of “lols,” emoji and similar characters.

Sometimes the way a bot produces text reflects errors in its programming.

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In a time where bots drive more than 60% of web traffic, it’s reasonable for consumers to be wary of chatbots masquerading as humans.

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