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The earliest of these new clocks were London-made for royalty or nobility, and, as one would expect, the workmanship was superb.The longcase clock was an exciting development, and these early clocks were both esthetically and horologically interesting.

Age more often than not brings neglect or accident-- hoods and cases get bashed, feet rot, mouldings dry out and fall off, movements are dropped or badly repaired, dial paint flakes off, and loose parts become lost in a move.

Mahogany didn't become popular in clock cases until about 1750, almost 20 years after it was commonly available in furniture, but by the time it did it was an expensive wood with a high import tax.

Only the better cabinet shops could afford to offer it, and it is no accident that simple and cheap thirty-hour movements are seldom found in cases of walnut or mahogany.

Most of these problems can be corrected, and virtually every clock you see has had some restoration.

It's important to note that the state of a clock's preservation can easily account for the difference in price between a ,000 clock in an auction and a ,000 clock from a good specialist dealer.

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The fine clocks by the most noted makers, from the 1660-1730 golden age of development, are now around 300 years old. With a bit of informed research, it is usually possible to assign a date to a clock within a 10 to 15 year range from its major design features alone.

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