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The following day the group return to the theater to watch the December Troupe rehearsal.However, they get distracted by a couple near the entrance, chatting with Lisa.

The group later come across a girl (Neva) and Nikki asks if she knows where the Western Wildness hotel is located.The owner and bartender is a very nice man who speaks English, Italian, French, some German and probably more. This bar is unfortunately a bit aside of the center - or shall I say fortunately?The bartender is a genius and in a different location it would be probably impossible to reach him for a chat, asking him to be creative for me in...The woman guides them then asks if they have seen a "sweet talking man with golden hair dressed in expensive clothing".Bobo quickly lies and runs from her, causing Momo and Nikki to wonder why she did that.

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It is a special ball gown that Sofia will be wearing during 'The Candy Witch and the Star Sea'.

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