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I’ll be open to different kinds of men—can’t know what works unless I try.That might be a good way to approach dates if I got any. If I had known a few years ago that things would deteriorate to this level, I would’ve found me a good man and locked him down.I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even know how to talk to men anymore.

It’s easy to swipe left, or flake out, or disregard another human like they don’t exist.

In reality, I can’t change the fact that they’re so insecure. I’m tired of men who say one thing and then either back out of it or act completely the opposite.

One minute I’m the coolest, most genuine, interesting, grounded woman they’ve ever met.

I used to think my problem was that I wasn’t trying to date but I’ve met with a rude awakening.

I opened up to the possibility of meeting a man by actually putting myself out there and all I’ve gotten in return is a whole lot of rejection.

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I try not to make it about me but when it happens over and over again, I do feel hurt. That’s why I’ve decided I’m better off not trying to date at all.

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