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Development and history of education in Nigeria since 1960 till date and before independence – You see when you talk about Education In Africa, Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world, located in West Africa, bordered by the Republic of Benin on the west, Niger on the north, northeast by Chad and east by Cameroon, Nigeria been the giant of the nations in the shore of Africa continents, it is essential we discuss the History Of Education In Nigeria.

As colonization of Nigeria began in the Early 19s, Nigerian were trained on basic hand work, such as Blacksmith, Carpentering, Brick layering, and others, as these began, it open ways for Semi-informal education which is more formalized than the Informal form of education, the men are trained on handworks while the female counterparts were trained on crafting, all of these were the basic form of education that was rampant in the early 19s, but as Missionaries from other developed countries began to migrate to Nigeria to spread the Gospel, Churches were built, schools were attached to the churches so as to teach Nigerians on how to read and write, the primary aim of the schools was to train Nigerians who were converted on how to read and write, they will be able to read the bible and they will understand for themselves, this continues for long not until 1980 when the first educational ordinances was passed into law by Nigeria government, and education were fully financed by the federal Government, and ever since then, various educational bodies were established to see to full supervision of education, educational qualities were tested and were been supervised by the established institutions, ever since then, there has been paradigm shift from what education used to look like to a new era of education, the traditional form of education see to make man functional in their given societies while the modern form of education aims to improve man ways of living by doing research on a better way to handle every sector in the country.These educational activities made up for the majority of what the upcoming ones learn.The entrance of the Europeans into Nigeria, brought along European western Education in the 1840s.which include the 6 years primary education and The formal education system in Nigeria includes: 6 years of primary schooling 3 years of junior secondary schooling 3 years of senior secondary schooling, and 4 years of university education, finally directing toward a bachelor’s level degree in the majority of the subjects.The annual term of school in Nigeria is ten months, and is sectioned into three ten- to twelve-week periods, each at the pre-primary, primary, junior and senior secondary stages.

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