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But as a woman who loves baseball, sometimes it’s hard to just focus on the thrill of the game.That's because male fans guard their baseball fandom with the ferocity of a sphinx stationed at the gates of Thebes.They've fallen down the ranks of baseball payrolls quite far despite playing in the nation's largest media market. BL: I don't know very many baseball fans who would willingly choose not to see a no-hitter, but if such fans exist, you've got the team for them as well, right? There are no guarantees but so far if you don't like no-hitters, the Padres have been your best bet.

I’ve heard too many stories from other women — many who write about baseball for a living — about men who fix their lips to mansplain game basics like an infield shift even after being told, “I’ve played softball batting as a lefty since age eight, bro.”It doesn’t matter whether you’re a casual fan on Twitter, or a seasoned professional in the booth like ESPN’s Jessica Mendoza, women who are into baseball can’t win.BC: Not really, but we felt there were fans in search of killing time on the Internet while they were at work. For instance, "Do you like watching baseball with other people?" If the answer is no, that narrows the quiz down to a few teams where you're pretty likely to go to a baseball game and not be surrounded by very many people, such as the Tampa Bay Rays, the Miami Marlins or the Houston Astros.BL: What inspired you to match fans with their compatible teams?Do you feel there are many fans in search of the perfect match, like online dating?

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