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And the police who would elsewhere be busting young lovers are not allowed to enter.

Instead a handful of soldiers stand alert at the center of the mausoleum where Jinnah has lain since his death in 1948.

Being half-Pakistani, I grew up imbibing South Asian culture. I even lived in Pakistan from 1990-1994, so didn’t anticipate a culture shock – but in the 20 intervening years, the country’s social and political landscape has shifted dramatically.

Also, I was returning for the first time as an independent adult, rather than the child and adolescent I was in previous trips, and as a lesbian, rather than the deeply closeted girl who just so happened to dress like a boy.

However, as I swiftly discovered, the dating app should come with a warning sign: ‘Gay Tindering in the repressive Islamic world may be hazardous to your health.’ Because, well, these things clearly aren’t obvious on their own…

Here are five ways the whole user experience was dramatically different from all those times I swiped right in New York (where I live) and London (where I’m (mostly) from).

I hadn’t had sex since six months prior, when I first moved from New York to Pakistan to be a journalist.

I graduated from university with idealistic dreams of being a frontline journalist, sandy, wind-swept hair and all.

You never know what homophobic, sexually self-loathing and repressed person is looking for ways to entrap you so they can teach you a lesson, report you or use the information as blackmail.I lay in the darkness, the precarious ceiling-fan groaning and swaying above me.My arm and head hung off the side of the bed in order to hold my phone in the only Wi Fi-friendly spot in the room — Tinder needs internet and Pakistani telecommunications infrastructure being what it is meant 3G was not an option — and I kept it there for what felt like an eternity, waiting to see if I got a reply.It attracts a huge crowd of families at the weekend but on other days, especially in the humid evenings, couples find an opportunity to sit together among the dense foliage.Being in the city center and easily accessible by public transport, it is particularly popular with poorer Karachi residents who can't afford to go to swanky restaurants.

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