Dating a warranted flask bottle updating to r134a

I got my first collected bottle by visiting a glass factory when I was about nine years old.

I have put on seminars and sales presentations to many of the glass mold people in the world.All of this background is still with me in my glass studies and since retirement, I have been studying the methods of bottle making from (1500 to 1900).I have joined a couple bottle clubs and became interested in the methods of those earlier years of bottle making.At one time I had over 3,000 names in my computer, all were Production and Engineering people, as well as Mold manufacturers and Mold repair supervisors.I spent thirty years plus doing this work and it was all centered on development of mold component materials and methods used on the ABM Automatic Bottle Machines.

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I carried a piece of old bed sheet or cloth with me and I would tie strips of it to the bushes or fence near the asparagus plants, to mark to their location for future harvesting.

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